How Healthy is Your Forgiveness?

How many times have you heard this affirmation? ~Forgiveness is for YOU! It is not for the offender but for the offended…. Too many times to count if, like me, you consistently look for the best self -care information available – So YES, I agree forgiveness is for the forgiver BUT I have also learnedContinue reading “How Healthy is Your Forgiveness?”

This Calls For a New Normal – Even If It’s Temporary

Education continues to be one of the most controversial topics in these great United States of America. Even while most of the attention has been on “saving the democracy” of our nation from domestic terrorism – no one can deny the fact that schools, teachers, children and families were at the core of major discussionsContinue reading “This Calls For a New Normal – Even If It’s Temporary”

They are Not JUST Kids, They Got Next!

“Hey, look! It’s the kid who fell and busted his face on the wall (laughing)!” A 5th grader said to his 3rd grade brother while the ashamed, tiny, Kindergartener hung his head down (maybe to hide tears). Sadness overwhelmed me. I thought to myself how inaccurate parents are when they respond to suggestions to modifyContinue reading “They are Not JUST Kids, They Got Next!”

All Lessons Matter

Foundationally speaking, I haven’t changed. Core values and the essence of who I was and still am have not changed. Performing and putting on airs about who I am is just too much extra work for me. Besides, people deserve to know who they are dealing with. Therefore, I am certain that I have notContinue reading “All Lessons Matter”